Here are some of the services that we have to offer. If like to organise a consultation for your project please contact Kevin Todd

Survey & Quotation
Advise on feasibility, costs & alternative options.

Space Planning
If you are not sure how to achieve the optimum layout, we can sketch different layouts and explain all of the options open to you. With over 20 years experience we probably know all the possibilities.

Our plans will show you how good the flat layouts can look. We will draw full elevations and floor plans of the flats. We will also draw sections through the building and write a full specification.

Site Layouts
Roads, footpaths, service strips, car parking, landscaping - we can fit them all in and still maximise living accommodation.

Local Council
We will organise your Planning Permission and Building Regulation approval and deal with any queries on your behalf.

Progress Report
We will keep you informed at the different stages of the council applications.

We have a list of builders that we can recommend to you. By obtaining quotes for the?building work from recommended builders only (i.e. from us or your family/friends) you will avoid that nightmare scenario.

Help & Support
We will be available if you have any problems during your building work, through to completion.