Here are some of the services that we have to offer. If you would like to organise a consultation for your project, please contact Kevin Todd.

Full Design Service
For all types of building works, from minor alterations to a new factory unit with full working drawings and a full written specification.

Planning Feasibility
For any project you are considering, we can advise you on local planning policies and requirements. We continually monitor the district plan and keep up-to-date with the latest changes in local authority thinking.

Design & Planning
With 20 years of experience who could be better qualified to advise you than us?

Working Drawings
Our plans are fully detailed, so what you can see exactly what you are getting and builders can see exactly what you want.

Tailored Package
We will put together an individual package to suit your requirements.

Space Planning
For existing buildings, new production lines, production equipment, parking and landscaped areas, office furniture and equipment etc.

Project Management
We can develop your initial ideas into the reality of having the keys cut and putting name badges on the new desks. We will administer the contract and manage the process throughout.

Progress Report
With our experience and professionalism we keep you informed of progress throughout.


"An excellent service provided by people with the capacity to listen & discuss ideas and proposals, then subsequently generate innovative solutions"

Mr T Horne Operations Manager - Delphi Chassis Systems Dunstable